Misfit 1/8” EcoBirch

Misfit 1/8” EcoBirch

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 12 x 19", 1/8" thick faux finished wood with MDF core

Cannot be painted, stained, or finished

Misfit items are pieces of wood that contain some type of flaw. These flaws include, but are not limited to: bangs, scrapes, peeling, warping, or discoloration. Items labeled “misfit” are of limited quantity and availability. We mill all of our plywood ourselves and hand pack boxes. This means that every single piece of wood we pack has been checked by us to ensure it meets our high standards. If a piece of wood has a flaw, we move it to a misfit pile. Unlike our standard wood, misfit items are unsanded. When we have enough misfits, we offer flash sales on those items. All misfit items will have usable, unflawed area. We do not sell any misfits that are unusable—those go into our own practice stash for perfecting cut settings! Keep an eye out on our website and Facebook for misfit sale announcements.


We work very hard to get all standard wood orders placed before 1PM EST out the same or next business day. Exceptions include PatternPly® presale orders, custom orders and orders placed during new releases, flash sales, or during peak holiday season (mid-November to mid-December). 

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