Fun money-making ideas for custom PatternPly®!

Want custom PatternPly® but can't think of anything to submit? Here are some fun ideas to spark inspiration:

  • Contact your local school and get written permission to use their logo OR create a pattern using the school colors.
  • Look at a calendar of upcoming local events and design something tailored to one of these events. For example, maybe there is a BBQ, wine, floral, literary, or medieval festival that is looking for vendors. Rather than an overall craft fair where tastes can be all over the place, these very specific festivals tend to attract a more focused crowd, enabling you to make very targeted items.
  • Approach a local church about supplying earrings or ornaments for a fundraiser. You DO NOT have to supply these free of charge. Charge a pair price and then the church can mark them up for their fundraiser--everyone wins! 
  • Watch local Facebook groups for funny or viral content. It seems like every town now has a spoof news page. Design a sheet of PatternPly with some locally-relevant buildings/landmarks or sayings.
  • Team up with a local photographer. You can offer laser cut ornaments, coasters, jewelry, you name it with their photos. Submit the images for a custom PatternPly® piece and then cut them out for the photography clients! If your laser can read registration marks, put them on your artboard with the images for easier alignment when cutting. 

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