What are misfit sales and when do you have them?

Our misfit sales are legendary and for good reason! They are a great opportunity to purchase materials at a steep discount. 

What is a misfit?

  • Misfit wood: We are often told that our misfit quality exceeds first quality products elsewhere, and we are very proud of that! We are extremely stringent when it comes to product grading. All of our wood is graded at the mill, but then we take it and grade it even further. This is why our misfits are typically of such good quality. Misfit items are pieces of wood that contain some type of flaw. These flaws include, but are not limited to: bangs, scrapes, peeling, warping, or discoloration. Items labeled “misfit” are of limited quantity and availability. We mill all of our plywood ourselves and hand pack boxes. This means that every single piece of wood we pack has been checked by us to ensure it meets our high standards. If a piece of wood has a flaw, we move it to a misfit pile. Unlike our standard wood, misfit items are unsanded. When we have enough misfits, we offer flash sales on those items. All misfit items will have usable, unflawed area. We do not sell any misfits that are unusable—those go into our own practice stash for perfecting cut settings! 
  • Misfit PatternPly®: All of our PatternPly® is made in house and every single sheet is inspected by hand for flaws. Any sheet that doesn't meet our standards is labeled a misfit. Misfit items will contain some type of flaw. Flaws include, but are not limited to, scratches, chipping, image blur, lining, partial coverage, and color saturation issues. There will still be plenty of usable area on each sheet! 

Who are misfits for? 

Misfits are for anyone who doesn't need a completely perfect full sheet of material. If you are making a 19x12 sign backer, misfits might not be the best option for you because it might be difficult to hide the flaw, depending on what it is. If you make smaller items like earrings, you can plan your cuts around the flawed area more easily. 

When are the sales?

Our two main misfit sales are on July 4th and during Black Friday week in November. We work really hard to make sure we have enough misfits stockpiled for the sales, but they often go fast! If you are interested in misfits, make sure you sign up for the back in stock alerts on any of the misfit items found here and be ready to order once the sale begins. We typically hold sales at 9PM EST so that both the east and west coasts can participate. More details about sales are always sent out in an emailed newsletter and posted in our Facebook group, Smokey Hill Laser Supplies, the week before the sale. 

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