What to do when your order arrives

The day is here! Your order has arrived! We have a few recommendations for what to do next:

1. Open the box!!!

I know, I know. This sounds crazy, right? Especially for people like me who stalk tracking info and run to wait at the edge of the driveway for the delivery truck. BUT we get contacted fairly frequently by people who received a package, left it in unopened in the garage for six months, and then opened it to find warped wood. Please don't do this. The longer your materials sit in the protective plastic wrapping, the more likely they are to warp. More about this in #3!

2. Double check that everything is correct.

Errors are infrequent, but mistakes can happen. It's better to know it early on rather than a few months later when you go to use the material only to find the wrong item was sent, for example. If anything is incorrect, please contact us at angela@smokeyhilldesigns.com or casey@smokeyhilldesigns.com. Please attach a picture of your packing slip to your email, if possible. We use a series of initials and colors on the pack slip so we can identify where something went wrong on our end. This helps us to improve our process going forward!

3. Properly store your materials. 

We have an entire help center post about the importance of properly storing your materials that can be found here. The bottom line? Store everything flat with weight on top. If you opened your package to find some slightly warped wood, DON'T PANIC! Get some weight on top and allow it some time to acclimate to the new humidity level where you live. It will usually settle out on its own. If not, read here.  

 4. Create and have fun!

Remember to use the recommended settings for your Glowforge or search our Facebook group if you have a different laser!

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