1/4” Baltic Birch

1/4” Baltic Birch

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12x19.2” 1/4” Marine Grade Baltic Birch, 2 sided plywood with veneer core. Perfect for use in a Glowforge!

Note: One side of the Baltic Birch plywood may contain 1-2 plugs (commonly called "footballs"). When the plywood is manufactured, the location of a tree branch will form a knot-like spot in the wood that is prone to falling out. Rather than leaving a hole in the plywood, the manufacturer places a small plug in its place. The plug is constructed of Baltic Birch and is matched as closely as possible to the rest of the board. Some plugs are almost unnoticeable. If you paint your pieces or glue them to another surface, these plugs are not a problem. If you are constructing something with two visible sides (such as earrings or an ornament), consider looking at our White Birch for a comparable option that does not contain plugs. We do our best to ensure that most pieces of Baltic Birch you order do not contain plugs.


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