1/8" Aromatic Cedar
1/8" Aromatic Cedar

1/8" Aromatic Cedar

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1/8" Aromatic Cedar, 2 sided plywood with MDF core. Perfect for use in a Glowforge!

4x8 (48x96" sheet) cut your way. For the 4x8 cut your way selection, there are two options:

Option 1 (simple cuts): If you have a simple, uniform cut size, you can leave a note at checkout with your desired cut. For example, the note could say "Cut as many 12 x 16" pieces out of the sheet as possible and send all scraps." Our saw blade has a 0.25" kerf.

Option 2 (complex cuts): If you have multiple cut sizes, please email a cut sheet to casey@smokeyhilldesigns.com and use your order number as the email subject. Please account for a 0.25" saw blade kerf in your cut sheet. With cedar, please note that larger cut sizes will likely contain some of the dynamic features described below.

Please note that we will not ship anything with an aspect longer than 48". Custom cut orders are processed once a week, so expect about a week lead time before shipment.



Note: Aromatic cedar is a very dynamic wood and contains many knots. When the plywood is manufactured, some of these knots may fall out. If the knot falls out while manufacturing, the missing veneer will be painted a complementary color in that spot. If it falls out after manufacturing (such as when being transported), there will simply be a small spot of missing veneer. In either case, 99% of the sheet is usable. We do our best to limit the amount of sheets that contain knot flaws, but it is sometimes unavoidable depending on the nature of the trees used to make the plywood from shipment to shipment.



Cut Settings can be found here

We work very hard to get all standard wood orders placed before 1PM EST out the same or next business day. Exceptions include PatternPly® presale orders, custom orders and orders placed during new releases, flash sales, or during peak holiday season (mid-November to mid-December). 

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