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Diode Friendly Materials


12 x 19"

 1. Order the Custom PatternPly® item. Please leave any notes on the order that will help us determine which of your files (to be emailed in step 2) go on each of the materials (if necessary). For example, "The black acrylic will have the cats file, and the white acrylic will have the purple floral file". 

2. Email your completed files. Please email your completed files to, using your order number as the email subject. We will already have your descriptions on the order, so the files will be all we need. Please size all artwork to a 19.4 x 12.25" artboard. We can use most file types but strongly prefer a PDF. Remember, if it's blurry on your end, it will be blurry on ours! Please note that this artboard size is slightly larger than our materials, so anything placed too close to the edge will be cut off. All files must be sent COMPLETED. We DO NOT offer custom duos, trios, or modifications of our existing patterns at this time. This includes sizing and color changes. 

If you are ordering clear acrylic and have artwork that has a necessary orientation (like words or a school logo), decide whether you would like this artwork reflected or not before submitting artwork. If you would like the words to read properly on the side coming through the clear, please reflect the file before sending. If you would like he words to read correctly on the textured side, leave as is. 

If you are ordering a scattered pattern on clear, there cannot be any pure white in the scattered images. Any areas of pure white will turn out clear in the final product. If you would like white in the final product, please switch it to an off white before submitting. 

For clear acrylic submissions, please let us know whether you want the image scattered (i.e., no color between pattern elements) or with a white background. 



1. Why do the clear acrylic and clear flex options say to see description?

We create our clear options differently than we do the other cores. For two sided on clear, the clear acrylic is not sandwiched in between two images like it is on the colored or MDF cores. Instead, one side of the sheet will be a matte version of the image. The other side of the sheet will show the image coming through the clear acrylic. We have created a video here that may help you to visualize this. At this time, we are not offering a custom one sided on clear (i.e., transparent) option. 

2. What sorts of images are allowed?

Photos and illustrations are welcome, but please refrain from any images depicting nudity (including cartoons), violence, or trademarked logos/slogans/images. If submitting a school logo (nothing collegiate), it is your responsibility to have permission from the school to use the logo. We will not be held responsible for any permission or trademark violations. We reserve the right to flag any images that violate our terms of service. If using a school logo, please do not just send the logo. Instead, scale it to the size you want and create a pattern on your 19.4 x 12.25" artboard. 

3. Can I order a custom duo or trio of patterns you already carry?

Unfortunately, due to different formatting and production techniques used to create the different PatternPly®, we are unable to create custom duos or trios of patterns we already carry. You are welcome to submit your own custom duo or trio, however! Please note that anything more than a trio will not line up well on the front vs. the back if you choose two sided UNLESS you choose the two sided on clear. 

4. Can I have different images on the front vs. the back of the sheet?

No, we do not offer this at this time. 

5. Can I order any solid color on any color core?

YES! But this is not the place to do so. To order solid colors, please reference our swatch sheet. Once you have the swatch # that you like, type it into the website search bar above. A product page dedicated to that specific swatch number will pop up where you can choose your desired core color and thickness. If you need a specific hex # or CMYK value, please choose the swatch number closest to that and leave a note on the order at checkout asking us to swap that swatch number with your desired hex # or CMYK value. 

6. Can I request a proof?

We prefer not to provide proofs because it holds up the process. Artwork will be scaled the same way as you have provided on your 19.4 x 12.25" artboard. 

7. What if I don't know how to create my own artwork?

If you cannot create your own artwork, we suggest licensing an image from one of various stock image sites. Make sure that you have purchased a commercial license. You will still need to properly size the image (19.4 x 12.25") before submitting. 

8. What will the back look like if I choose one sided? 

If you select one sided, the back will match the core. For example, one sided on pastel pink acrylic will have a pastel pink back. Core colors can be seen in the product photos above. 

9. What is the lead time for custom PatternPly®?

Current lead times are 10-14 business days for custom PatternPly®. Files that have issues and require correspondence back and forth to correct will have an extended lead time. 

10. Is the artwork my own or are you going to sell it to others?

If you have created your own artwork, rest assured we will never sell it to anyone else. If your artwork is licensed from somewhere, we cannot guarantee that another customer will not come to us with the same artwork. In other words, we cannot promise exclusivity for licensed art. 


Not sure which PatternPly® option you need? Check out our PatternPly® Guide

Cut Settings can be found here.  


Not sure which PatternPly® option you need? Check out our PatternPly® Guide

We work very hard to get all standard wood orders placed before 1PM EST out the same or next business day. Exceptions include PatternPly® presale orders, custom orders and orders placed during new releases, flash sales, or during peak holiday season (mid-November to mid-December). 

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