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PatternPly® Christmas Sampler

PatternPly® Christmas Sampler

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MDF with the look of candy cane (red and white + green, red, and white) and Buffalo plaid—three of our most popular Christmas patterns!

12 x 19.2"

**PatternPly presales start every Friday at 9PM EST and last 24 hours. Products cannot sell out during this availability window, so order as much as you like. Orders will be shipped over the next 1-2 weeks. A shipping notification only means your label has been printed. Your order has shipped once tracking information updates. Please note that if you couple wood with your PatternPly order, it will all ship together and will take 1-2 weeks. If you need wood sooner, please order it separately and we will send it out in our normal shipping speed.**

1/4" settings

Cut: 120 / full power

Engrave: PG Draftboard settings

1/8" settings

Cut: 160 / full power

Engrave: PG Draftboard settings