PatternPly® Love
PatternPly® Love
PatternPly® Love

PatternPly® Love

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Diode Friendly Materials

Material (Core)
Sizing: All sheets are 12 x 19" except the 12 x 18" White Flex. If you need your sheets cut smaller to fit your laser bed, please leave a note on the order at checkout and we will gladly cut the sheets in half, for example.

Shipping Speed: All PatternPly® is made to order and will have a processing/manufacturing lead time. For current lead times, please see the banner on the PatternPly® collection screen. Please note that if you couple wood with your PatternPly® order, it will all ship together and will have the added manufacturing time for the PatternPly®. If you need wood sooner, please order it separately and we will send it out in our normal shipping speed.

PatternPly® is not eligible for expedited shipping without prior approval. Please contact us before ordering if you need expedited PatternPly®. If you choose expedited shipping at checkout for PatternPly® without prior approval, your order will still have the normal manufacturing lead time before shipment. Only the time in transit will be expedited.

Cut Settings: Cut Settings can be found here.

Need help? Not sure what you need for a particular project? Have a diode laser and not sure what it can cut? Check out the Help Center!

Videos showing all of the different material options can be found here!

If you want to engrave in a different color, choose one of the colored acrylic cores. This will be the color of your engrave and your cut edge.

Note about clear acrylic: Any item ordered two sided on clear WILL have the background as pictured in the photo. If you want a clear background (i.e., clear spacing between the images), please view the PatternPly® Scattered collection. For two sided on clear, one side of the sheet will be a matte version of the image the other side of the sheet will show the image, pattern, or solid color coming through the clear acrylic. For a better visual of this, please watch here and/or here. All two sided on clear is opaque. If you are looking to make suncatchers, those products can be found here and will have the word "transparent" in the product name.

Note about the 1/8" mirrored acrylic options ONLY: The one-sided option will have your desired pattern on one side and PatternPly® Solid BLACK on the back side. Only the patterned side is engravable to see the mirrored/metallic core. The two-sided option will have your desired pattern on BOTH sides. Only one side is engravable to see the mirrored/metallic core, even with the two-sided option. This engravable side will be noted on your sheet. Unlike our other acrylic offerings, the mirrored acrylic cores use an extruded acrylic. All the other acrylic cores are cast acrylic.

Note about the leather: This is a natural leather and is only offered one sided. The back side will be white in color and have the typical unfinished look/feel you expect from the back side of natural leather. The leather is laser safe.

We work very hard to get all standard wood orders placed before 1PM EST out the same or next business day. Exceptions include PatternPly® presale orders, custom orders and orders placed during new releases, flash sales, or during peak holiday season (mid-November to mid-December). 

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